X360 ACE V3,xbox360 run v1.,v1.1,matrix glitcher v3, modchip

X360 ACE V3,xbox360 run v1.,v1.1,matrix glitcher v3, modchip




单价︰CNY ¥ 3 / 件

最少订量︰100 件



X360RUN 1.1 New RGH Glitcher Red Board with 96MHZ Crystal Oscillator for XBOX360 Slim 


- NEW RGH  X360RUN 1.1 version PCB same STONE USE

- Use for xbox360 Toshiba nand is fast


Red Board(X360Run1.1)

be fit for Corona(Include the Xbox360 machine produced after Nov. 2013 and Corona machine of Toshiba NandFlash on board)

Attention:The Xbox360 machine of Windbond memory on board,produced after Nov. 2013,need change the Windbond memory chip first.


X360Run Perfectly carcks XBOX360 slim

- X360Run Glitcher Board Instruction (SLIM + Trinity10.83A/9.6A)

- It is perfectly compatible with all XBOX360 Slim machine

- It used the high performance and high frequency pulse-attack chip

- It has the more precisely pulse-attack boot time in an instant.

- It is comprehensive to upgrade and replace the Matrix Glitcher and Xecuter Coolrunner Glitcher Board.


Main Features:

- Support Corona and Trinity slim machine.

- High Performance of the pulse-attack chip, the working frequency can reach at 96MHz, the more precisely pulse-attack, and can be refined to adjust the attacking parameter.

- So far the least external components, using the high quality components to manufacture,perfect design and high reliability

- So far the Minimum PCB size, easily to install and fix 

- So far the most simple installation and debugging, with the two pulse single line with 4-7cm

- By jumping the wire to make it short, yon can have machine selection and parameter adjustment ,it does not need to program by software.

- Boot time almost in 30 seconds.


X360Run1.1 (Slim+Trinity) Glitcher Board Instruction

Ⅰ.The theory of X360Run Glitcher Board:

The X360Run send out a confirm width of pulse to XBOX360 slim machine. For different type XBOX360 slim machine have different type pulse time point and width.