SWITCH新款底座 Switch座充 Switch底座充 支架充電器 主機座充

SWITCH新款底座 Switch座充 Switch底座充 支架充電器 主機座充

型號︰SWITCH 底座



單價︰CNY ¥ 4 / 件

最少訂量︰100 件



SWITCH新款底座 Switch座充 Switch底座充 支架充電器 主機座充

Product Features:

1. One-key display and switch, to freely switch between the hosts and TV display interfaces.
2. Unique cooling structure designs prevent the host from running slowly or halting when playing the game because of uneasy heat dissipation.
3. Products adopt 4K video output program of HDMI 2.0A version, so that the picture when playing game is clearer.
4. It adopts the  scheme of playing while charging, so it gets rid of the problem that displays can not be seen if the host is on the original dock. Therefore, you can play games by placing it on
 the desk while getting it charged.
5. It supports the USB3.0 function, and is added with two USB2.0 functions.
6. When the blue light is on: host insert indicators; when the blue light is off: SWITCH host dials out or TV display is back to SWITCH host screens.
7. Compact and portable, it supports output to TV, gets the
 body charged, and supplies power, plug and play.


During charging, please keep ventilation, and do not cover it with clothes, PE bags and other items.


Please firstly connect the HDMI cable to the dock, plug the
 power supply into the dock port, and connect it to SWITCH body, then it can be used when you turn it on.

Main Parameters:
1. Product Type: charging dock for Switch Dock TV
2. Color: black
3. Interface: USB3.0 / HDMI / USB2.0 / Type-c
4. Product Size: about 9.6 * 6.83 * 2.91 cm / 3.78 * 2.69 * 1.15 inch
5. Applicable Equipment: for Nintendo SWITCH host

Packing List:
1 * charging dock for Switch Dock TV ( excluding game consoles or cell phones )