型號︰X6 游戏手柄



單價︰CNY ¥ 30 / 件

最少訂量︰100 件





IThis Gamepad support playing games on Bluetooth enabled Android tablet/ smart phone/ TV box/ smart TV/ VR, IOS mobile phone/ tablet, and Win7/ Win8/ Win10/ Win XP PC without any drivers.Also support 2.4G wireless connection with PS3 for playing games. 2.L2 button and R2 button have simulator function, much more focus on operating details, make games controled exactly. 3.Support TURBO(acceleration) function, make it stronger and faster when playing games. 4.Multimedia player buttons "volume +,-/'last '"next ""Play / Pause” can be used under Mouse mode

Useage of Android Device 

It support the emulator games and other games. Such as Contra, Metal slug, MC4, Wild bloodi Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC emulator, GBA emulator, Arcade emulator, SFC emulator, N64 emulator, sonic CD, Cordy, Soulcraft, zenonia4, 9 Innings 2013, Riptide GP, etc. Or you can scan QR code to download "Android Game Center" APP to your phone and download the games from this App for playing without settings. 1.Press and hold Android key and HOME key for 2 seconds at the same time, 4 LED will blink quickly simultaneously.Pic 1 2.0pen the Bluetooth on Android device, click searching. 3. Find and select aZM-X6n for Bluetooth pairing.Pic 2 4. LED1 lit on after Bluetooth connected.Pic 3 5-Enter the game.(You can directly play the games which downloads from the game centers or other emulators) It also supports kinds of most popular games which download from Google Play Store


Package Include

1 x Gamepad

1 x USB Receuver

1 x Product Introduction

1 x Charge Cable